Spread the Word: Sample Social Media Content for #AllSurvivorsDay

All Survivors Day is an international opportunity to raise awareness of sexual abuse, stand in support and recognition of survivors, and to come together to change the culture that surrounds sexual violence. Whether you are holding an in-person event in your local community or will be adding your voice using the #AllSurvivorsDay hashtag, using social media can help spread the word about the day and get people on board with the cause.

On this page you will find sample messages and images that you can use as-is or draw inspiration from when creating your own messages and graphics for social media. If you have any questions about this content or would like help customizing it for your own events, feel free to contact us.

Building off the Success of ASD 2018

In 2018, the All Survivors Day coalition brought together survivors in 35 countries across 3 continents for the purpose of bringing attention to the issue of sexual violence and showing collaboration in creating a world in which all survivors are recognized, believed, and supported.

In 2019, we are looking to build on this success and spread the word about All Survivors Day even further, and especially on social media. We are hopeful that on November 3, 2019, organizations that participated in ASD 2018 will be willing to participate in this social media campaign. This year, we will be focusing on sharing ways that the public can support survivors and help protect children from abuse. Those ways include:

  • Advocating for public policy that benefits survivors and helps prevent abuse, such as statute of limitations reform, increased funding for prevention programs and education, and mandatory reporting legislation.
  • Demanding federal and state leaders take action to prevent future cases of sexual abuse, such as by opening state AG investigations or convening federal working groups to address the issue of sexual violence.
  • Supporting organizations and causes that promote healing, prevention, and change.

Tying All Survivors Day into the Presidential Campaign Season

The presidential campaign will be in full swing for ASD 2019 and we want to leverage this event into a messaging opportunity to demand that those decisionmakers who are running for the highest office in our country are paying attention to this issue and will speak about it publicly. 

In addition to social media messages focused on what the public can do to get involved, we want to spread the message that our candidates must get involved as well. The actions we want the candidates to address publicly are:

  • Recognition of the headlines and stories around institutional sexual abuse. 
  • Acknowledgement of responsibility of government to protect children and hold institutions accountable
  • Commitment to one specific thing that his or her administration will do to protect others from sexual abuse during their tenure as President

Below we have included some sample messages and graphics to demonstrate the kind of messaging and content themes we have been discussing using for ASD 2019:

Sample Images

Sample Messages

In these general tweets, you can link to your own organization’s page specific to #AllSurvivorsDay (if you have one, if not allsurvivorsday.org is included currently as an option) where you can share your organization’s unique position / focus in this coalition.

  • All survivors deserve to be heard and believed. Learn how you can help support survivors and protect children from abuse today at SNAPNetwork.org/take_action.
  • We believe survivors. SNAP stands in solidarity with all those who have been sexually abused worldwide. We thank you for your bravery and courage to tell your stories and speak truth to power. Learn more at AllSurvivorsDay.org.
  • On average, there are over 320,000 victims of sexual abuse in the U.S. every year. Survivors are everywhere! If you’re feeling alone or need support, we are here for you. Speak with someone in your area today SNAPNetwork.org/snap_locations.
  • Sexual violence hurts all of us and can be prevented. Learn how to play your part SNAPNetwork.org/take_action.
  • Supporting survivors of sexual abuse is easier than you may think. Visit SNAPNetwork.org/you_can_make_a_difference to learn steps you can take to support your fellow survivors and prevent future abuse of others.
  • #AllSurvivorsDay aims to create a world where it’s easier for victims of sexual abuse to find the help they need to heal and come forward.
  • Silence is complicit with sexual abuse. Kids are safe, abusers are exposed and parents are warned only when victims are able to report their crimes and only when we are able to have conversations about sexual abuse and the ramifications that come with it. Learn ways you can diffuse the silence at SNAPNetwork.org/take_action.
  • Talking with your children about sexual violence is an important yet difficult conversation to initiate. However there are many benefits to having this communication early on. Visit SNAPNetwork.org/talking_to_kids_about_sexual_violence for tips on how to have these conversations in open and age-appropriate manners.
  • Talking about sexual abuse with your friends, family and even your children, can be difficult. Learn ways to navigate this conversation at SNAPNetwork.org/take_action.
  • 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be sexually assaulted before they turn 18. November 3 is #AllSurvivorsDay, a chance to stand in solidarity with the women and men who have been abused in homes, churches, military bases, sports teams. Help us bring awareness, healing and hope for survivors and learn more about #AllSurvivorsDay at allsurvivorsday.org
  • Sexual abuse happens more often than you think. Join us November 3 for #AllSurvivorsDay as we stand in solidarity with survivors of sexual abuse and work together to find healing, justice and solutions. allsurvivorsday.org
  • We support #AllSurvivorsDay because we #BelieveSurvivors and stand in solidarity with all those who have been abused, whether it occurred in the home, a church, in the military, a school, or in sports. Learn more about All Survivor’s Day and what you can do to get involved: allsurvivorsday.org
  • Sexual abuse is more common than you think. On #AllSurvivorsDay, we are bringing attention to the men and women who survived their abuse. If you are a victim of abuse and need somewhere to turn, visit allsurvivorsday.org to find a list of our partner organizations. We are here to help.
  • We recognize the brave men and women who have spoken up about their abuse at the hands of priests, nuns, and other religious figures on #AllSurvivorsDay. We also know that it’s not just a burden for survivors to bear – we ALL can help prevent sexual abuse. Learn what you can do to help at allsurvivorsday.org.
  • #AllSurvivorsDay is a chance to recognize the women and men who have suffered in silence, shame, and pain. You are believed. You are loved. We are here for you. Get the help you need at allsurvivorsday.org.
  • 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be a victim of a sex crime before they turn 18. On #AllSurvivorsDay, we recognize the brave men and women who have come forward to tell their stories of abuse, hold perpetrators accountable, and make the world a safer place for children.

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  1. As a survivor of all types of abuse from birth including sexual and abused by parents, extended family and people outside my family including nuns and priests I do not support this day. It is called ALL survivors but is only for survivors of sexual abuse and adult rape victims. This is the same as telling people who were beaten, tortured, emotionally and psychologically abused throughout childhood, as I was besides being sexually abused, are not survivors. I find calling this day ALL survivors when it is not is psychologically abusive to other survivors and I will not be a part of it.

  2. I will not participate in the so called ‘All’ survivor day because all survivors of neglect, physical, emotional and psychological abuses are left out and told we are not survivors of child abuse. All survivor day seems to be only for those whom SNAP deems survivors. SNAP true to its catholic roots knows no humility.

  3. Good that your concern for abused children…and potential damage to children must be exposed. For the umteenth time, WHEN are you going to include nun abuse of nuns in your press releases? Why is it
    ALWAYS left out of proclamations of the guilty? You have the reports, the years of sufferings, the dismissal of the church and would-be lawsuits of the few brave women who were forced to settle quickly for minimal restitutions. I, for one, do not believe any of your intentions to support and acknowledge the
    damage done for decades to other nuns and women. You had your chance this day and choose to make…AS USUAL…GENTLE, general statements; no specifics that could generate new interest and cause to make the church even more accountable publicly. Keep me on your list as I continue to donate portions of my Amazon purchases to you. In the mean time, go to hell.

  4. Your ever-so mild wording done in grey lettering in10 point font on a white background shows how little you know about visuals that make impact. Just as you refused my 40 years of successful campaigns when I offered assistance to your poorly designed power point, etc. Way to go. No wonder your efforts have been met with little or no activity by the church and lousy legal advice if you even got any GOOD advice. You are gutless wonders, probably managed mostly by men who haven’t the foggiest idea of how physical, verbal and sexual abuse impacts women. Once again, go to hell.

  5. I was 8 years old when I was dropped off at RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL . ST. MARYS. I left when I was 17.
    I was brutally abused from day 1.

    Emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually abused.

    I am 68 years old suffering from complex PTSD , was again sexually abused inside my church by a deacon.

    I have lost all my Catholic friends , just seeing a Roman Collar causes panic. I am again in treatment for PTSD and re living my nightmares all over again.

    I clinging close to St. FRANCIS AND CHRIST and their gentle teaching of Love and service to all his children.

    IT is a solo darkness because , no one wants to hear , speak or see the TRUTH OF THE POLLUTION , POWER, CORRUPTION , GREED , LIES AND EVIL THAT IS DEEPLY SEEDED IN THE INSTITUTE WE CALL CHURCH.

  6. As unique as my Abuse may seem I have learned that it is not. I hear little bits and pieces of it in all your stories a lot of us managed to pull off little moments of happiness and joy. Then spread them out in our minds to be more than they actually were to cover-up the horrors that came before and after. For me, this was necessary for my survival. It caused serious character flaws in my personality. When I was with Christians, I was as a Christion and when I was with a mail client I truly enjoyed every minute of being tied up. I can’t remember the breaking point from when I was a 5-year-old boy shaking with fear when I heard the camera start. To a Teenager loving it and having more fans than most rock stars.

    As an adult, I know now I had a choice when they turned me loose at 18. I knew it was illegal but I didn’t have the people skills to even interview for a job and I was getting $5,000.00 tips. Un believable for most of you, but several know I am not stretching it a bit. The whole childhood leading to this was a hodgepodge of Boys Chiou Concerts that turn to Pedaphlic porno flicks. That were held in every kind of church and cathedral known to man. Early on I was taken from house to house like an Amway meeting.

    One of my first legitimate Jobs was for a private business owner who didn’t even read my application. And in the first week, I was found out I was making almost twice as much as his other employees. One of the supervisors said I looked more sophisticated than any of the other sugar Boyes the boss had had. I snuck to my care and left.

    I had made it through all that stuff but what a couldn’t outrun was the reputation. Like many, I still worry about running into people that have seen my naked or worse photos or the films most of the teachers and Preachers and Priests are dead.
    And I haven’t ever seen one of the other victims. Tell your stories before they are to Old.

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